4 Locations That Will Make You Fall in Love (Again!)

Romance is in the air at these stunning locales, which offer experiences that are both intimate and unique to the Australian landscape

Pitted across the island continent are locations that ooze romance with their stunning panoramas and picture-perfect settings. Most of them are hidden in plain sight and all you need is to know where to look!

Heart Reef Plane Ride, Queensland

Nothing spells romance like a heart-shaped formation of coral in the midst of a sparkling blue sea. And that is precisely what you will behold when sailing above the Heart Reef in the Great Barrier Reef. Hop aboard a seaplane or helicopter and let the pilot know you are on your honeymoon for some extra time and special treatment.

Heart Reef, Great Barrier Reef, Queensland (Picture Credit: Tourism Whitsundays)
Seaplane,-Whitehaven-Beach, Queensland
Seaplane, Whitehaven Beach, Queensland (Picture Credit One&Only Hayman Island)

Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb, New South Wales

The picturesque panorama that is the Sydney Harbour is probably the first image that flashes before your eyes when you think of Australia. A guided climb to  the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge is one of the best ways to take in that oh-so-romantic view. Be sure to wear comfortable sneakers when you set out for this one.

Romantic Sunset Climb Sydney Harbour Bridge (Image Source Tourism Australia)
Sunrise Climb Sydney Harbour Bridge (Image Source Tourism Australia)
Sailing, Sydney Harbour (Photo Credit  Hugh Stewart)

Hot Air Ballooning In Yarra Valley, Victoria

Watching the sunrise across the picturesque Yarra Valley makes for the perfect ambience as you soar 900 metres above land. This gorgeous wine country is just an hour’s drive from downtown Melbourne. Follow up this idyllic ride in the oldest form of aviation with a gourmet champagne breakfast when you touch down. Be sure to book a private ride just for two.

Hot-Air-Ballooning, Melbourne
Hot Air Ballooning, Melbourne (Image Source Tourism Australia Time Out Australia)
Hot air balloon Yarra Valley (Credit Visit Victoria)

Adelaide Hill Day-Spend, South Australia

Tucked away in South Australia’s verdant landscape is the idyllic Adelaide Hills, located about 30 kilometres east of the city of Adelaide. Straight out of a romance novel, its slopes are lined with charming villages, bountiful orchards, restaurants celebrating local produce, and cobbled streets ideal for hand-locked strolls. Stop by at the Cleland Wildlife Park to hang out with some koalas and spend a day at Hahndorf, the quaint German village nestled in the area.

Cleland-Wildlife-Park, Adelaide-Hills
Cleland Wildlife Park, Adelaide Hills(Picture Credit South Australian Tourism Commission & Paul Torcello)
Cleland Wildlife Park (Picture Credit South Australian Tourism Commission & Adam Bruzzone)
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